Black Rebel Rifter Club!

Friend of mine in real life, Ereb Romerouse is a member of well known Black Rebel Rifter Club pirate corporation. He always talks about pvp, solo and fighting in small gangs, and most of all – he is asking me from time to time when I’ll return to pvp! Because in my past I was pretty active pvp’er (with lot of aspiration and plenty of bad luck). But recently I was so focused on making money, that I completly forgot how to be pvp’er. Then, I’ve decided to change something in my life. I wanted to fight! But I needed an goal. I’ve read R1FTA Manifesto and I’ve fallen in love for such philosophy of pvp in EvE Online!

by Miura Bull from Brutor Bullfighter

I’ve had to prove, that I’m the worthy person for R1FTA. The only way was to make explosions! Theirs or mine.

Tormentor – the first blood (of mine)

OK, first was a Tormentor. I mean, I took tormentor and went looking for trouble in route Egghelende to Kurniainen through Vard, Arzad and poking neighbouring systems. I’ve got a plenty bookmarks, did some new – to make my scanning better. I found Federation Navy Comet of pretty old pilot. And I’ve checked his zkillboard – was not so impresive, then I took a chance. Of course, I forgot to warp @ 10k at gate, so it took a while, and my hands were started to shake. AB overheated, and I’ve made first mistake – direct approach than orbit. Caught him, he as well. My drones and laser started do their job, his railguns too. Ive overheated lasers, then realized that burning scorches at very low orbit instead of multifrequency. Been so nervous that cannot change the ammo O_o Something was wrong, because I’ven’t seen multis to change! I’ve lost precious seconds, then realized that freaking Comet was tanked on structure. I was gone pooof and prepared to bail off my capsule, I’ve gf on local, he answered the same, and after a timer I was in next machine.

Tormentor frigate Eve Online

Lessons learned

  • More fights, less nerves
  • Open cargo hold in separate window for quick putting ammo into guns. And count your ammo! (there was no change option because I had three guns in one stack, and only 2 crystals for change. And this not works that way)
  • Accolytes aren’t good for gallente ships, but hobgoblins are. Next time release proper type.

Merlin – the second try (dead again)

I realized, that railgun commet will have a trouble if I offer him double TDs blaster merlin on close orbit. I’ve quickly reshiped and was on place. Unfortuatelly comet did a novice plex already and was in safe. I’ve spent over an hour looking in dozen systems on route to Kourniainen and back. I’ve even wanted to face destroyer in my Merlin – was so hungry of targets, but there weren’t many. Because of night time, I’ve decided return to my temporary base. During my returning, I’ve baldly checked every novice complex (just to faster this operation) and in Siseide, four on local, I’ve spotted Republic Firetail class frigate is following me. Then I decided to jump in and wait. Firetail jumped after me, so I’ve closed orbit on him with two scripted tracking disruptors. I was webbed and scrammed, which caused a low velocity of mine and quicker shield/armor shreading by him. But because there were any shields nor armour (TDs were my tank) he did pretty quick job, though at very low values, thanks for my disrupting his guns. My antimatter blasters did a quite good job, but to slow… Good fights were exchenged in local, and I saved my pod. Did home return and wrote this battle report 😉

Merlin frigate Eve Online

Lessons learned

  • Overheated AB – I’ve switched too soon, and didn’t noticed that I’m webbed. I’ve lost an 500m orbit for 2kms.
  • Two TDs are to much. Maybe active shield will save my fight?

What I feel after those 2,5hrs of being back in solo pvp? Feel goood! 😀


Next day I’ve published this on R1FTA forums and got accepted!