Stop being lame and do something to win!

After last events I realized that I have to stop being lame and do something to win a fight. And it’s not a matter of wrong ship, it’s a matter of me: my nerves, my mistakes, my lack of knowledge of enemies. I lost few frigates already and my solution was to pickup better ship, which helps me to do the job.

It was partially correct. It helped me to understand, that I have to take a few steps back, give myself a time and space to learn. A cheaper one, because loosing precious faction frigates shortly will burnout my wallet and me.

Then I found myself watching a youtube and copy-cating Kestrel fits.

Why Kestrel? Because I love rockatz! And shield ships. Blue shield ships.

Do something…

I’ve bought 10 identical Kestrels with intention to lose them all and to learn something. That was the plan. Plain and simple. Cheap ships with not-so-cheap fits at least give me a chance and feel that I can do mistakes and learn something instead running with faction stuff under stress: OMG, I got hookbill and being me killed in one will be so lame! Or even worse, If I kill alfa-clone, and then be killed by somebody more smart, then what? No fly??

(I don’t know why, but pvp for me is a very important thing)

So, I was in that Kestrel…

Kestrel frigate class vessel on his way of doom.

I have jumped into low-sec and immediately found first target on the novice plex combat site. When I’ve hit acceleration gate, I’v turned on overheat on everything I’ve got and landed inside.

He was 1,5km from my, and my tactics was as the one before: because of my double web setup, I wanted to pull off the range till the scram edge, and then control a fight. Why? Did I mention that it was an Incursus Class Close Combat (Supposed To Be) Frigate?

So, his closer range vs my longer…

During targeting procedure I proceed with pre-running my overheated webs & scram and made it, when he bumped me, leaving my blood on shields and bouncing at whole 100 meters.

Being cold as death itself, I’ve clicked thousand times on an orbit icon, watching one eye on his speed, the second on overheating indicators and third on the range between us.

In meantime, I’ve checked directional scan (if something more is going to visit us) and my shields, which started to make squeal sounds.

Velocity of mine was obviously higher, so I’ve quickly got my ship over his range and… my scram’s range as well. Because I’ve switched of overheating, it just turned off, leaving me with two webs on his brawling Incursus and pumping Rage Type Rockets of Exposions into his armor. And hull!

(I’ve did a research about damage types and I was proud that I knew what to load into my launchers!)

So… I risked to overheat scrambler to get him bounded in this fight and keep my orbit. He was repairing his armor like crazy, but after a few cycles, I was sure that I will prevail!

Before last voley I’ve switched off overheating. Then he went boom!

My orbit was a bit higher which resulted that his pod was on the edge of my webs and over my scram. I thought that it doesn’t matter, because capsules always escape. This time my rockets were quicker and his pod also gone to Valhalla! (I’m thinking right now if maybe he wanted me to teleport him to his home?)

…to win

Yes! Finally, I’ve made it, won the solo fight! (Forgive my excitation 😉 it was first time since years!).

I’ve grabed what’s left on the field, waited some time in safe to timer go off and docked, calling it night.

Fly dangerous!

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