Funny Wednesday with old pirates

It was a very funny Wednesday evening.

I was so happy that R1FTA accepted my application, that I’ve decided to burn all my small ships in Amarr-Minmatar FW region (if I fail) or of course better – to kill some sweet targets. On novice plexes. In my hookbil. So I’ve jumped and… found nothing. Then I’ve set course on Mehatoor, which allowed me visit Siseide and all that systems along the way.

Caldari Navy Hookbill

In Siseide there was nothing. I mean, nothing to fight, because scarred people were sitting in secret somewhere. Got borred, and jumped to next system. Situation was the same, and the same, and the same. Till I’ve jumped into the system full of red cruisers and BCs on gate.

– Damn! – was my thought. But no nerves, I’ve just looked around, decided that I try to bounce on my tactical bookmark and we’ll see.

Fortunatelly, I was able to made it! Five cruiser guys were too much for my lill’ hookbil, so I was jumping to the next system. Empty. So, next…

– Fuck!  – this time, there were cruisers and destroyers, more of them, blinking red as Devil’s Tattoo logo red is. This time I’ve started to saying goodbye to my ship but… made this again! I was able to break through and safe my position then I’ve looked at local:

Steven0ise > siema
Bubu Talib > siema :)
Steven0ise > latasz?
Ezoko > yep :)

(which translated from Polish simply means: “hi old friend, are you hunting like we are?”)

Those guys were well known to me, because… with some of them I’ve already did the pirate stuff!! Yaaay!!! In V O O D O O and Koza Z Piekla pirate corps. So, then was a fleet request, TS chit-chat and then I’ve played scout role in this small pirate gang. Yaaaar began!

After a time and heavy lurking in dozen systems, I’ve jumped to Sosala.

Three red ships, Slicer, Malediction and Orthrus, supported by neutral Stork class destroyer. Easy peasy for our Eight Man Pirate Fleet consisted from stabber, caracal, arbitrator, phantasms, ONI, T2 destroyer and my frig. We’ve jumped in and fight began.

The plan was simple: to wipe them from the gate, starting with Orthrus cruiser. And like every plan, this one as well didn’t stood a chance when faced with the enemy.

Orthrus was far away, we have catched malediction and then few more slicers appeared, followed by Armageddon Navy Issue class battleship and additional Orthrus cruiser. They wiped us, instead of we – them. Damn!

We killed malediction (which already was eaten mostly by gate guns) and they managed to kill our ONI, SFI and Phantasm pirate cruiser which I like the most, reducing us to 5 pilots being alive. We managed to bear off in various directions to our secret safe spots.

The rest of the night we spent on desperate looking for fights, but there were any. And with red killboard (with the little green accent) we have called it night.

Fly darengous!

Caldari Navy Hookbill


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